How to Get Clear Skin in a Week

Did you know it is possible to get clearer skin in just one week? Let me show you some simple methods which have helped me clear away my acne, and keep it clear, and you can do it all at home, right now. If you want to know how to get clear skin in a week, then read on.
If you suffer with not only acne, but blackheads too, then these easy to apply home remedies will help you get clear skin in just one week. I have used them in the past, when I needed to clear up my skin, for a weeding and birthday party and they do work. If they will work for you, I can not say, but if you haven't tried them before, then you may find they are very beneficial at helping you get clearer skin.
If you are currently using acne creams, then you need to stop using them today. They contain a lot of oil, and although having oil on your skin is not always a bad thing, adding to it can cause acne and blackheads. These home remedies will help keep your skin clear of oil, and also aid the healing process of acne scars.
How to get clear skin in a week. The first home remedy.
Lemon Juice is the first natural product that will not only help clear away acne and acne scars, but also help clean the skin. When you first apply Lemon Juice, you will notice a slight stinging, so be ready for the tingling sensation on your face or other affected area. You will notice improvements within 1 day, as lemon juice lightens the skin and helps heal pimples faster.
Lemon Juice can be used twice per day, with most applying first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This natural juice really does work wonders for your skin, and it also makes the skin softer too. If you have never tried lemon juice, then you might be surprised at how well it works.
One more natural remedy to help get clear skin in a week.
Honey is well-known for being sticky and sweet, but did you also know it's great for helping get rid of acne fast? A simple face mask of honey once a day will help you get clearer skin. It helps reduce redness, and gives you softer skin, and all this within just a couple of days.
If you have never tried natural remedies to get rid of acne, and only use over the counter acne remedies, then give them a go, you have nothing to lose and you might be surprised at how fast they work.
Honey and Lemon Juice are some of the leading natural remedies for Acne, but they do not work for everyone. If you are looking at how to get clear skin in a week Guaranteed, then you need to look at to see how you can be free from Acne Forever, and fast!